Bookshelves and Wristwatches

If I point to my wrist and look at you questioningly you might tell me what time it is. If you’re under a certain age, you might give me a confused look or check your wrist for a bug or a mustard stain. Wristwatches are fashionable and functional for some people and mainly just fashionable for the other people below that certain age. If you’ve always used a multifunctional device like a cell phone or smart phone then a wristwatch is sort of quaint.

Soon we might be able to say the same for bookshelves too. More and more people use e-readers, phones and computers for reading and keeping up. And when was the last time you heard of someone buying a set of encyclopedias, or even using one in book form? Amazon now sells more ebooks than printed books.

Don’t even mention newspapers, who wants to read today about what happened yesterday? Why would you pay to put a classified ad in a paper when it’s free and easier to do on Craigslist or something similar?

It’s all really interesting. I’m sure a couple of hundred years ago when clock towers were popular,  people looked up questioningly toward towers for the time, and then folks who grew up around pocket watches wondered what was up on the roof that was so interesting to the upward gazers. Next, pocket watch  users probably started miming pulling out a pocket watch to ask for the time and so early wristwatch adopters thought lots of guys had nervous tics. Change happens.

Hey, you can put your wristwatch over there on my bookshelf.