Festo’s New Bird

Check out this incredible video I saw on TED. It’s a demonstration of a robot that flies like a bird by mimicking how real birds fly. The video is only about six minutes long, but if you’re only interested in seeing the robot fly that starts about two minutes into the video.

The bird’s creators work for a German firm, Festo. I wrote a post awhile back about another Festo creation, the Air Penguins. They’re amazing to watch too.

If you liked the bird video and want to see more here’s the video featuring Festo’sĀ Air Penguins. Festo has developed a robotic arm technology they use in different applications to demo the technology. The company’s robotic arm technology is used in the graceful noses of the robotic birds and penguins to steer them.

To really appreciate the video, make sure you click on the full screen option.