Another Tweets Worth

I was thinking about the post, “Just A Tweets Worth,” and wanted to add a little bit more to it. So here’s the original post with my new bits shown in italics.

What would be the best and most concise information you could write if you were only allowed just about a tweets worth of words?

I’m sure you can cook up different scenarios that might require this sort of distillation. Something with the most bounce for the ounce.

The best one I’ve read comes from Richard Feynman when he was presented with the challenge of compressing modern science down into one sentence. He said:

“All things are made of atoms, small particles moving in perpetual motion, attracting each other when they’re a little distance apart, but repelling upon being squeezed into one another.”

From that one sentence and the one below, you could start reconstructing science as we know it. If you needed to.

To compliment “the what” that Feynman gave above, I thought another tweets worth could  address the “how to:”

You have to actually measure something and/or make an accurate prediction from a theory and present it to your group so they can try to do it again.

I prefer prose to poetry; but in a way, using the fewest words to give the most information can be like a form of poetry.