short, fast, and cheap

Here’s a  simple business idea. “Monk Cuts.” Short, fast, and cheap. One style of haircut, the buzzcut. One tool, an electric hair clipper. One price, five dollars.

You’d only need a small space. Maybe no chair customers could stand. Maybe a step stool, to get up to tall customers or to make short customers taller. A broom and a hair bib for customers and you’re in bid ness!

I’ve had a buzzcut for around 15 years and thought of the Monk Cut business years ago as a funny idea.

For years I cut my own hair with the same clippers my mom used to cut our hair when we were kids; sadly someone dropped it and it broke. I’ve even cut some friends hair occasionally. I mentioned it in passing the other day to a couple of friends who thought it was a cool idea. More and more guys are sporting a buzzcut these days, maybe the time’s right. Feel free to try it out.