Distorting for Clarity

I just watched this short, well-made video on a typeface called Dyslexie (I found it on Kottke.com).  The Dyslexie font is designed to make similar looking letters, like i and j, more distinctive and so less likely to be confused in your brain. The new font makes for clearer reading for all readers.

Dyslexie originates from the design firm, studiostudio, in the Netherlands. So far, it’s been evaluated there at the University of Twente; they found using the Dyslexie typeface decreased dyslexic readers’ errors.

I’m pretty sure I have a mild form of dyslexia. It’s self-diagnosed; I often transpose letters and read slowly even though I read a lot. It’s not debilitating just inconvenient. I’d be great if Dyslexie is proven to be truly useful and is then widely adopted. And it’s interesting that slightly distorting something sometimes leads to greater clarity.