Decision Checklist

Pilots have been using checklists for years to avoid mistakes and forgetting things. Living by a code is important. Before making big decisions, I try to use a checklist to make the best decision. Live with a good question rather than a bad answer.

Here’s my checklist:

> Do you know where you are and where you want to go? If a map is to get you where you want to go, you need to see the world as it is.

> Are you looking at reality? Don’t fantasize about how people should be.

> Can you retain the ability to walk away from a situation that feels unmanageable or if you find yourself digging a hole, will you be able to stop digging?

> Are you following your own system, or are you becoming enslaved by someone else’s?

> Can you still live simply and pay as you go?

> Are you making this decision when you’re angry?

> Are you making a promise when you’re happy?

> Are you doing the right thing or just what you have the right to do?

> If simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, can it be kept simple?

> You’ll miss 100% of the shots you never take. Are you letting the perfect get in the way of the good?

> Are there extraordinary claims requiring extraordinary evidence?

> Will you be busy doing nothing? Because doing nothing is better.

> If you’re not happy; you’re wasting your time.

> If you feel fear, acknowledge it, and then proceed.

> Remember that most of the things people worry about never happen.

>  Don’t ask for permission you don’t need.