Nook Hot Rod

I’ve been using a Kindle reader for a few months now and I love it. It’s light, small, and easy to use with great battery life too. Another e-reader, the Nook, has a color display. Don’t forget the iPad, another good e-reader platform people love; but it’s more than twice the price and weight of dedicated e-readers.

People do love the iPad as a tablet computer; but they prefer the price and size of a dedicated e-reader. So some folks are hacking e-readers, especially the Nook, turning them into cheaper and smaller tablet computers. And, they’re cheaper to use too, contract-wise . Pretty cool. A Nook hot rod.

There’s probably a fair number of hackers doing this modification. I say this because I’m not that into computers; so by the time I know about something like this it’s probably being done by lots of aficionados. Here’s a video on doing it in case you’re an aficionado who somehow missed the boat.

This is innovation from the ground up. A recent story about this on NPR became a most e-mailed. So there’s an interest out there. I think it’s fascinating to see change occurring on the street level where you can’t predict what will happen when tinkerers start tinkering, and then to see how it percolates up to production companies. It won’t be long before you see lighter, cheaper tablet computer for sale in a store.