The Favor Bank

Here’s an idea and a request. Are you familiar with the idea of a favor bank? The idea is attributed to authors Tom Wolfe in “The Bonfire of the Vanities” as well as Paulo Coelho in his”The Zehir.” It’s been around for a long time before these guys I’d imagine and has probably been named before too.

You make deposits into a Favor Bank by doing a favor or something nice for someone. After some time you’ll have built up a big balance. Then when you need a favor you should think of it as a withdrawal from the bank account that you’ve built up. Lots of people feel funny asking for a favor even if they’ve got a big balance. But it’s okay to make withdrawals.

Here’s my favor. I’m reaching the six month mark with my website. I don’t track the stats for my site. I could check stats about this site, but I don’t think at this point they would add much to my satisfaction and I don’t want to fret over stats that I’m not interested in at this point.

I’m flattered when comments show up and I like reading them. I don’t actively seek out comments from readers. Lots of popular bloggers with a lot of traffic have abandoned their comment areas because consumed too much of their time. So, basically I don’t really know how many people are reading my blog.

I’m pleasantly surprised during conversations when people mention a blog of mine they liked. It’s hard to guess which blog a person might really connect with and the blog they like is often not the one I would’ve guessed they’d like.

I try to keep my blogs short, pithy. I hope they’re interesting and useful. Posting every Tuesday and Friday makes it easy to check in. Mention the blog to three friends who you think might enjoy it. Thanks