The History of the Future

I’ve run across a couple of videos that I really like and I thought you might too. Everyone I’ve shown the videos to also liked them, at least that’s what they told me. Each one is less than two minutes long. When you watch the videos, use the whole screen view to really appreciate them.

Here’ the first one, Air Penguins. It’s from a German company, Festo. The company has developed a robotic arm technology that they’ve used in different applications to demo the technology. The video that I like is with the air penguins, but there’s also an air jelly video and an air ray video. Festo’s robotic arm technology is used in the graceful noses of the penguins to steer them.

Here’s the next one, Metropolis. It’s from an artist, Chris Burden. He’s created a huge kinetic sculpture using about 1200 toy cars zooming around a toy highway system. The installation is meant to represent a distilled version of a real highway system.  The noise generated by the whole thing in action, all rolling at the same time is impressive too. The piece is slated to be installed in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art soon.

If these videos really are the history of the future I hope the first one wins.