Visiting Mexico City

Here’s a beautiful Mexico City Video that’s worth a view, even just for its the style alone. We just returned from a five-day trip to Mexico City and had a great time there.  I know about all the bad things that are happening in parts of Mexico and those things seem to be all that’s reported on in the media. But there’re lots of areas in Mexico, most areas, that continue on in their regular fashion.

I’d like to report that we felt completely safe the whole time we were in Mexico City. It’s  one of the largest cities in the world. Around 20 million people. And in the course of five days we ate, rubbernecked, and shopped our way through as much of the city as we could. We visited museums, walked through parks, traveled by subway and taxi as well as rode bikes a lot. Parts of Mexico City have an ecobici system that, every few blocks, allows you to borrow a bike and return it to the station nearest your destination. We also walked through huge open markets and public squares. No problems. The vibe was much less intense than New York City, much more like a large European city.

There are all sorts of contrasts in Mexico City. The old, quiet cobblestone and brick neighborhood where Cortez lived until 1524 contrasts with a modern skyscraper heavy, downtown area packed with sculptures. You’ll also find “the great square”, or Zocalo, which has been the center of the city since Aztec times, surrounded by micro businesses so plentiful I felt as if I was looking at a coral reef for humans, no space unused or need unmet. There’re street sweepers answering their cell phones while still using brooms that look like they’re made by whomever it is that makes brooms for witches. You know, a long handle with a bundle of long switches tied to one end. And Mexico City as you’d guess, is teeming with food options, escamoles (ant eggs) and chapulinas (fried grasshoppers) at small busy stalls in markets to haute cuisine in historic buildings.

We traveled around the city at different times of the day any the night and never felt worried or threatened. There’re cops around, but just what I feel is probably the normal amount for a big city, not an overwhelming presence, just enough to feel safe without feeling overly protected.

On a side note, you won’t see men in Mexico City wearing short pants. So I think out of cultural respect and to not stand out, don’t even take short pants with you if you visit. The more you blend in, the less likely you’ll be noticed. Probably ditto for backpacks, fanny packs and cameras.

Anyway, don’t be worried about visiting  most parts of Mexico any more than you’d be worried about  visiting anywhere else. It’s safe.